Sunday, August 23, 2015

Short Story: Short Nap BY K.BALAMURUGAN

Holiday how sweet it sounds…..Its So refreshing.
Tomorrow is my day, very special day, private day, tailored for myself.
Its mine, I am the owner of tomorrow, I wont allow any invasion.
The sudden fall of a time piece does create an impact, the falling sound loosens the bondage that is ruling.

As my hands reached the curtains, a beautiful morning was waiting to welcome me, the radiance and the sunshine about to sing a morning melody
“It’s getting late….hurry up! Take the shower go”
My mums’ master call rang louder than the aged old house alarm clock, this is her routine, regular morning broad cast.

Does she know the beauty of an off day? the never rested motherhood will go blank should I explain the price of liberty……

What…..leave? You mean not working…..what sort of leave is this?

Obviously she has all her reasons to go into a confusing stage! A school teacher’s sudden leave is her cultural shock; she was contemplating whether to question me or ask for an explanation but I was not ready for anything because this day is mine I purchased it for price! The morning war of a mother and a son ended abruptly without any noise!

The world of slumber took me to an unknown paradise, I was disconnected from the universe!
I was trying to catch the stars and the moon, floating on the sky, swimming among the clouds!
How I wish be there eternally, like crown prince reigning the world of peace!

Am I gone in a deep sleep……?

3 calls missed me, oh it’s from the work place! By the time I recover from the uninvited call it rang again.
“Can’t you leave a note if you are going on leave?” my colleague was demanding!
Leave starts with leave everything behind, basic fundamentals.
Leave that was taken with much passion and expectation started with note of apology
“The Head Master got some important matter to discuss with you, please be on call” is this beginning for a negotiation or a prelude for a preface?

Like a mother hen I repositioned myself, while moving the curtain clothing for a second time.
The sun rays were usual nothing unusual of the radiance too. I have experience this heat many a occasions, while in HMs room, while in the class, in the midst of the meeting and in many occasions, nothing new a sudden paradigm shift took place!

The divine silence that was ruling the room should have taken refuge at the deep sea….the morning melody that was crouching probably has migrated to an unknown destination.
Feeling of discomfort conquered me instantly all the items in the bedroom landed hurriedly, what is happening? What is the idea of a short nap? Mums favorite passage. Either a full sleep or don’t sleep, her conservative argument.

My morning shower finished with an awful fear and my hand phone looked at me with less friendly. Is the hand phone sensed something?  Oh, ya, it’s ringing!


”Helloo sir, time is running out, have you marked the papers?
Too bad, you are not in if not I would have detailed you, pay extra attention, marks are very important”
The liberty that was bought is at the risk. The much anticipated OFF day is robbed, it was smuggled in broad day light.
My fingers were running across the key board trying to scroll down the marked papers from my computer, by the time locating the page and fixing the points the bright morning swallowed 60 minutes from my allocation
Mums presence was not felt till she asked me something irrelevant of the lost day; I am the sole owner of this precious hours but it’s taken forcefully by some uninvited guest, it’s an act of violence, I am a victim.
Mums chicken parable echoed, these birds scratch for food and forage for worms, sometimes scratch the soil and expecting some miracles, like a fallen soldier I was looking at mums face.


“Sir two pupils name were missed out as a class teacher it’s your responsibility, do it straight away, they are very upset”.
I was invaded, I was snatched, and I was stripped.
My laptop screen was staring at me as my fingers were pressing the wrong keys for the right answers; obviously my concentration is diverting and questioning the betrayers. Some special skills required to center the mind from running aimlessly, maybe I don’t have the talent to control my mind more ever am tired!

Mother hen often forgets its location without realizing she will try to fly higher and higher not realizing she is in the cage. It’s a pity during monsoon how they get hunted by snakes and swallowed in my dad’s farm. Why the sudden memories of the birds and snakes at this hour? My dad?
I was in the midst of an awful day where a hand phone was nonstop blowing its trumpet.
Staring at the blank wall is a kind of mental disease, if you are not careful it will buy off your conscious mind; I can’t take any chances.

“Sir, I can’t find the report cards?”
“At least, should have left the cupboard keys”
“Sir, the previous week’s reports, is it ready”
“Sir, don’t forget to bring the minutes”
“Sir, are you next to your computer? A new marking system is being introduced”
“Sir HM is very angry”
“Sir, sir, sir…………………….
“Sir an officer wanted to see us in the Education Department, none of us could go, as it is you are at home, just go and find out ok!
Chickens may die in hot temperature, I took the files and walked towards the Education Department.


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